CBD oil tincture with background image of industrial cannabis plants
CBD oil tincture with background image of industrial cannabis plants

How to Sample Free CBD Oil (for Veterans)

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Did you know that veterans suffering from PTSD don’t receive adequate treatment, therefore facing immense challenges in adjusting back to regular life after discharge?

Did you also know that veterans discounts are in the past, and you can actually claim free CBD oil now?

CBD (or cannabidiol) is an alternative to more harmful, addictive pharmaceuticals, such as prescription opiates. For too long, doctors have prescribed veterans opioids and other substances to deal with PTSD, chronic pain, and other issues. Overprescription has led to a serious epidemic, with more than 10% of military vets meeting the criteria for substance use disorder.

The search for alternatives to pharmaceuticals is why CBD oil has become so popular amongst veterans. It isn’t addictive, and it can have the potential to relieve various ailments, both mental and physical.

With all these potential healthy benefits, cannabidiol is generating a lot of excitement. Many see it as a viable alternative to opioids for military vets with PTSD and other related depressive symptoms. CBD can help veterans get their lives back on track and move forward with positivity.

So, do you want to know how to receive free cannabidiol? Read on to learn more!

Veterans and CBD

The testimonies attest to how THC-free CBD oil has improved veterans’ lives. With this awareness, more patients are approaching doctors about how they can implement cannabidiol into their daily lives.

When it comes to veterans and CBD, one of the biggest benefits is that it’s free of THC, the psychoactive part of cannabis. Cannabidiol with high levels of THC is not only illegal in many states, but also it can be triggering. It can exacerbate anxiety, which is the opposite effect most veterans require.

Cannabidiol derived from hemp has little to no THC, which is why CBD became legal to produce and sell with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill.

The most common use for CBD oil and veterans is to help with PTSD. However, there are other reasons too, such as general anxiety, social anxiety, chronic pain relief, to mention a few.

Let’s start with how it helps with PTSD, though.

CBD for PTSD in Veterans

Potentially one of the most debilitating conditions veterans can suffer from is PTSD. The condition most commonly consists of re-experiencing traumatic events. It can come in the form of flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, nightmares, hyper-reactivity, and insomnia.

What’s quite revolutionary about CBD oil and veterans, though, is that it is gaining popularity for helping reduce some symptoms of PTSD, such as nightmares and re-experiencing events.

Chronic Pain

Unfortunately, many military vets deal with chronic pain. Fortunately, cannabidiol can have a positive impact on softening symptoms.

The reason it can help has to do with how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system. The ECS is the body’s cell-signaling system. Endocannabinoid receptors are in the brain and immune systems, and the receptors are tiny proteins attached to the cells.

Mostly, these receptors receive chemical signals from different stimuli and help cells respond correctly. This reaction causes anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that help with pain management.

CBD oil and veterans go hand in when it comes to chronic pain. Both the oil and other products benefit people who suffer from chronic pain.

The Veterans Administration and CBD

No-one reacts to CBD exactly the same, and there are several factors that affect how it will work for each individual.

The VA is the branch of government that works with veterans, with the organization working with CBD oil companies to ensure that each vet has access to the right treatment they need.

From the time of day, to how often you consume it, to what products you use, CBD oil for veterans isn’t just one size fits all.

It’s advised that you begin with a lower dosage and slowly increase until you find the ideal level to manage your individual condition, however, having a conversation with your doctor when you begin taking your CBD supplement is always advised.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs is required to follow all federal laws — including those regarding marijuana.

Veteran participation in state marijuana programs doesn’t affect eligibility for VA care and services, though. VA providers are allowed to discuss marijuana and CBD use with veterans as part of care and treatment plans. The question of ‘does the VA drug test for benefits?’ is no. The US Department of Veterans Affairs states that while marijuana is a Schedule I drug in the eyes of the law, veterans will not have benefits stopped due to marijuana use.

Regardless, CBD oil is not classed as marijuana and is not derived from marijuana. Cannabidiol is usually derived from hemp plants and is viewed separately from cannabis.

CBD Oil for Veterans

The promising new therapy that provides relief to veterans and makes it easier for them to cope and manage their daily symptoms, the high therapeutic potential Cannabidiol possesses is vital for not only a vet’s physical health but also mental.

As previously mentioned, veterans can use the cannabidiol for different things, meaning they may prefer to take it differently.

These products come in many shapes and forms. From inhaling through a vape pen to consuming orally by swallowing capsules, it’s important to know not only how to take it, but how much you should take.

Obviously, the latter is completely down to preference. Some methods such as topicals work more effectively for chronic pain, as it can be applied to the affected area, whereas those who seek more intense doses to help cope with mental health symptoms sometimes prefer to inhale by using a vape pen.

CBD oil can come in other forms, too, such as gummies, or other edibles, drinking CBD water, or applying oil drops beneath the tongue.

Using the product in the form of vape pens or drops are not only fast-acting but offer high bioavailability, too.

CBD Oil for Veterans

The best CBD product for veterans completely down to personal preference, but, as previously mentioned, some CBD products are better for certain ailments. From topicals working magic for chronic pain sufferers to drops and vape pens acting as fast relief for anxiety and PTSD, there is no wrong or right way to consume CBD.

Free CBD 3% THC oil for veterans is the only recommendation. The THC level needs to be 3% or below to be accepted into the market as CBD oil, and any concentration of THC above 3% could trigger anxiety rather than relieve it.

Free CBD Oil for Veterans

Previously, veterans were required to pay for their dosage, albeit with a discount. These days, however, it is offered to them for free.

Free CBD oil for veterans makes the products and supplements so much more accessible. Before, even with the CBD oil veterans discount, some people were not able to afford the products they needed, and so were unable to treat their ailments and mental health symptoms with natural and beneficial supplements.

Now, there are many companies out there offering veterans cannabidiol for free. Not only does this mean equality, and free products for all, but it also emphasizes the popularity and health benefits CBD oil possesses.

Free CBD Oil for Veterans

Are you ready to take advantage of the best CBD oils on the market? Even better than discounts, you can receive free CBD oil! Contact us to learn how to receive your free order today!

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