CBD oil tincture with background image of industrial cannabis plants
CBD oil tincture with background image of industrial cannabis plants

The Health Benefit of CBD Oil

CBD oils for the health benefit of CBD post

CBD oil has come a long way from its niche days. There was a time when it was associated with marijuana and confused with THC, the main psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. Thanks to CBD’s burgeoning popularity and better information getting out there, this confusion has mostly been cleared up.

Still, only so much is known about the compound’s properties and its potential. The research simply hasn’t been able to keep up with the popularity, but a growing number of users report positive effects — and there is an ever-growing number of users. In fact, 14% of Americans reported using CBD products in a 2019 survey. Some say that using CBD for pain is a godsend. Some say it can help with anxiety. Until further, in-depth research is conducted, we can only hope. So what is all the fuss about, and could it help you? First, let’s set out what we know about CBD oil.

Some say that using CBD for pain is a godsend. Some say it can help with anxiety. Until further, in-depth research is conducted, we can only hope.

So what is all the fuss about, and could it help you? First, let’s set out what we know about CBD oil.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis is full of interesting compounds, known as cannabinoids, but by far the best known are cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC is the psychoactive compound that people associate with cannabis and ‘getting high’. Because of the strong association with cannabis getting you high, many people have found it difficult to separate CBD from this reputation. In the U.S., CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC.

CBD does play a significant role in the effects of many strains of marijuana, predominantly those associated with relaxation and pain relief. However, it is not actually a psychoactive substance.

It can be extracted from the plant and separated from other cannabinoids, avoiding any ‘high’. This allows users to experience the purported health benefits without interference. This form of cannabidiol is the substance that we know today.

What is CBD Oil Used For?

There are several reported benefits, including treating the following:

  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis

The health benefits of CBD oil are not fully known at this point. People use CBD for pain, and there have been suggestions that CBD used for anxiety can be effective. CBD used topically is thought to be the best way to alleviate aching joints and muscles. Until extensive research is conducted, this won’t be known for sure, but the potential is certainly exciting.

It is commonly sold as an oil, which can be consumed in various ways. It can be taken as a vape or ingested orally — mixed into food, or placed on the tongue as a tincture.

But what is a tincture of CBD oil when it’s at home, and what is the best CBD oil to use?

What is a Tincture of CBD Oil?

A tincture is a medical product made by dissolving a substance in alcohol. This differentiates a tincture from true CBD oil, as in the latter oil is used instead of alcohol as the base. So if you’re wondering what is a tincture of CBD oil, the answer is that there’s sort of no such thing.

However, many oil-based products are marketed as tinctures, which is where it gets confusing. These ‘tinctures’ are created using CO2 extraction, where highly potent cannabidiol extract is infused into an oily base. As with a genuine tincture, they can be taken sublingually (placed under the tongue with a dropper).

What is the Best CBD Oil to Use?

Alcohol and oil bases both offer similar properties: with individuals using CBD for pain relief much of the time, there’s little difference in effect. When it comes to the best CBD oil to use, it generally depends on how you’d like to ingest it.

If you’d prefer to avoid an oily aftertaste, vaping is probably the best way to use cannabidiol. However, many people happily take oil sublingually in the same way as people use tinctures. Tinctures can be flavored easily, which makes them a pleasant way to enjoy any health benefits of CBD oil.

If taste and texture are important concerns, be sure to ask your vendor whether any product is a true tincture or has an oil base. Similarly, while the amount of alcohol you ingest with a tincture is negligible, it’s best to ask before purchase if you’d rather avoid alcohol.

Benefits of CBD Oil

One major benefit is that cannabidiol is affordable and easy to self-administer. It can also be produced organically, which makes it far more appealing to many consumers than other medications.

CBD used for pain or anxiety is where many would argue the main benefit lies. Users claim that it can alleviate these enduring issues better than many alternatives, which is largely behind its recent boom in popularity.

What is the Health Benefit of CBD Oil?

This really depends on who you ask. In the 2019 Gallup survey referenced earlier, 40% of American users said that they used CBD for pain, while 20% referenced anxiety and 11% claimed it helped with insomnia.

This is only anecdotal evidence and so no firm conclusions can be drawn. However, these are encouraging signs, especially given that:

  • A reported 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain
  • 40 million Americans have been reported to suffer from anxiety every year
  • Around 25% of the population experiences acute insomnia each year

With CBD used for related problems by a growing number of people, the health benefits of CBD oil could turn out to be an incredibly exciting development. We don’t fully understand what is the health benefit of CBD yet, but as research in the field progresses, we may learn the potential benefits of CBD for pain and several other all-too-common conditions.

Health Benefits of CBD

The body experiences pain via the nervous system, which is an extremely complex bit of kit. It has been suggested that cannabidiol interacts with neurotransmitters in such a way that inflammation is reduced and pain is experienced to a lesser extent. This could potentially help huge numbers of people live their lives more comfortably, on their own terms.

Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

The health benefits of hemp oil can easily be confused with the benefits of hemp seed oil, which is popularly used in beauty products. It’s known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is a great thing in its own right.

This can get confusing, so here’s the lowdown on hemp, cannabis, and associated cannabinoids:

  • Hemp and marijuana both come from cannabis sativa, the cannabis plant
  • Marijuana is grown especially for resinous glands that produce high levels of THC
  • Hemp is grown for use in oils, weaving, and other purposes, and contains almost no THC

The hemp plant can still contain quantities of cannabidiol. It’s the sub-0.3% level of THC that makes industrial hemp the major source of CBD products.

The specifics of what cannabidiol or hemp oil is most effective at treating have yet to be fully understood. However, there is evidence suggesting that it may interact with the nervous system in a way that allows individuals to relax and experience lessened pain.

It’s always the best idea to consult a medical professional if you’re considering trying a new treatment. Your doctor will be able to give you personalized advice and relevant information, as well as possibly recommending a product that would suit you.

Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

The potential health benefits of CBD oil are exciting and wide-ranging. If you’re looking for something that will help you live life on your terms, it may well be worth giving it a go.

There have been encouraging signs from both users of CBD oil and early studies on the subject. Now that you know a little more about how it works, you know we specialize in offering you free CBD oil just – pay shipping, you’re well-placed to give it a try and enjoy the benefits of CBD. Order your free CBD trial offer today!

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