CBD oil tincture with background image of industrial cannabis plants
CBD oil tincture with background image of industrial cannabis plants

How to Spot Fake CBD Oil

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Many people have had positive experiences using CBD oil to treat a variety of ailments. Some people have reported using it to provide relief for anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Scientists are finally getting on board and boosting these products.

Since it is often used in edibles, it has gained a reputation for being very easy to consume, most commonly by either taking it straight or by adding it to drinks and food.

However, it’s also easy to replicate. You may purchase CBD oil thinking it’s legitimate and realize later that it’s fake and suffer from severe effects.

Here’s how you can identify fake CBD from the real deal before you shop for CBD and purchase an illegitimate product.

Is All CBD Oil Fake?

People who have tried fake alternatives that are falsely labeled as hemp products don’t experience any positive effects from the plant. This may have led you that person to ask, “Is CBD oil fake?” The answer is that if they had tried a genuine product, they likely would have had very different results.

Several popular companies are dedicated to producing and selling genuine hemp products. However, some companies try to sell fake products for easy profit. Because the market is unregulated, it cannot be easy at first to be sure you are buying quality products.

Fake hemp products can cause various negative side effects, such as nausea, headaches, and high blood pressure. If you are interested in trying hemp products, it is important to take the time to ensure you are buying a genuine product.

How to Identify Fake CBD Oil

You may be wondering why do stores sell fake CBD oil? The reason is that the market is fairly unregulated. This means that shady business owners can sell CBD oil fake products that offer little to no health benefits with minimal risk to their business. Depending on what you buy, these products could also harm your health.

To learn how to identify fake CBD oil, you will first need to understand what makes a genuine product. This is easiest to tell from the ingredients.

There are three different forms of the compound that certified manufacturers utilize to make hemp-based products. Each variety of the compound has differing levels of effect, so knowing about each variety can help you choose what form will benefit you the most, as well as how to spot fake CBD oil.

No matter which manufacturer you purchase, the following three types of compounds used for wellness products will be the same:

1. CBD Isolate

Much like the name implies, this is the purest variety and contains an isolated compound that is 99% pure. After being extracted from the hemp plant, the compound takes the form of a crystallized white powder. This powder is then mixed with other oils, generally coconut, to make them easily ingestible.

Many people who want to experience CBD without the effects of THC generally choose this form. It is also ideal for anyone trying to regulate their dosage more precisely. Since there are no other additives, this form does not have any taste or scent, making it easy to take with food or a drink.

If you are looking to buy a CBD isolate and notice other additives listed in the product, this is a clear indication that it’s a CBD oil fake.

2. Broad-Spectrum CBD

This product does not include THC, but it does include all other compounds from the hemp plant. This makes it a trendy choice, as many people find that a variety of compounds give them more noticeable benefits than pure oil. The broad-spectrum varieties are also commonly available to purchase as gummies, which are fruit-flavored to make them more palatable.

If you are considering buying a product labeled as “broad-spectrum,” but the ingredients contain THC, it means you are looking at fake CBD oil.

3. Full-Spectrum CBD

This form is very similar to the broad-spectrum version. However, it does contain small percentages of THC. Your product should always contain a THC percentage that is legally allowed in your area. Some people have found that this form helped relieve their anxiety, chronic pain, and depression to varying degrees.

Since full-spectrum products are more potent than other varieties, you will want to be sure you are only taking the recommended dosage to avoid any negative side effects. This form’s potency level makes it even more important that you are not buying fake CBD hemp oil products, as these carry higher risks for negative complications.

How to Identify High-Quality CBD Oil

Since the FDA has not approved many hemp-derived products, you will need to take extra precautions when shopping for over-the-counter (OTC) hemp products.

How to tell real CBD oil from fake oil? Ask your retailer for a third-party lab report for the product in question. The government mandates that all hemp manufacturers need to procure a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to document every ingredient’s quality and purity levels. This certificate will help you to avoid an OTC CBD oil fake.

However, you can also spot a fake just by knowing the signs of great manufacturers.

Length of Ingredient List

A key component for how to avoid fake CBD oil is to check the length of the ingredients list. A general rule is that the better quality the product is, the shorter the ingredient list. High-quality products are often mixed with coconut oil to aid in digestion and intake. However, that should be about the extent of the list.

Store Reputation and Credibility

Another way for how to tell fake CBD oil products from legitimate ones is to check the history of the store you’re purchasing from. Some stores are known for only stocking high-quality brands. Check reviews for the store you plan to visit and read the experiences of other shoppers. If everything checks out, you can walk into the shop with a fair level of certainty of the quality you will receive.

Many experienced users like to share the benefits they’ve experienced with others looking to try it out. If you are still uncertain about a certain product’s quality, try asking other users who have tried that product before. Since there are few legal regulations on hemp products, consulting with someone experienced with the compound is very safe. They may be able to help you find your recommended dosage levels and intake methods.

How to Tell if Your CBD is Fake

Like we mentioned before, taking a look at the ingredients list is the easiest way when you’re wondering how to tell if your CBD oil is fake.

First, check the packaging to ascertain whether the product is derived from the hemp plant or hemp seeds. If the product was only made with hemp seeds, it won’t have a high enough concentration to offer any of the health benefits you would receive from the actual plant. Hemp seed oil is often used in cosmetics and skincare products, and it is a good indicator of whether you have real or fake CBD oil.

The product should also have a short ingredient list. Fake CBD oil brands often include extra unnecessary ingredients to make you think you have a genuine product. Be sure to ask for a seller’s third-party lab report for a full rundown of ingredient concentrations for a specific product.

Here are some other factors that are harder to identify but might tip you off:

Brand Originality

One way that can be harder to tell real CBD oil vs fake is by the brand name and packaging. Some brands try to create almost identical products to confuse you whether their CBD oil is real or fake. They may try to copy a reputable brand’s spelling but let it differ by one letter or use almost identical packaging design or colors.

Significant Price Differences

Another way to tell that something is wrong is if the product you are looking at is being sold at a considerable discount compared to competitors. Since producing high-quality hemp products can be rather expensive, it is unlikely a product is genuine if being sold at a low price. Research what other reputable brands are offering their products and what sort of deals they offer to compare other companies with.

If you are worried about ensuring whether the CBD oil on shelves is real or fake, you may want to purchase your hemp products from a trusted source online. That way, you can review everything at your leisure and more easily research anything that seems unfamiliar.

To Conclude

While many people have experienced health benefits from using CBD oil, it is important that you are using a high-quality CBD oil product from the start. Low-quality fake products will not only provide any potential health benefits, but they can also cause negative side effects.

The best way to ensure you are using a top-quality product is to research the ingredients, brand, and offered prices. If you find out that a particular product is fake, share your findings with other users. This can help to ensure each other’s safety and to discourage unsafe business practices!

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