CBD oil tincture with background image of industrial cannabis plants
CBD oil tincture with background image of industrial cannabis plants

What does CBD oil taste like?

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CBD oil has a wide range of uses, from pain relief to helping to reduce anxiety — but what does the oil actually taste like?

CBD (or cannabidiol) can be flavored in order to make it more palatable, but the taste of pure CBD oil can’t be beaten. This can vary depending on its form. One thing’s for sure though: it’s an acquired flavor!

The Taste of CBD Oil

Most people say cannabidiol tastes quite earthy and bitter. However, the type of CBD oil you have can affect this. It comes in three main forms, each of which has its own intensity of flavor. They are:

  • Full-spectrum: this is cannabidiol with the entire plant extract. This oil contains everything present in the cannabis plant including terpenes and cannabinoids, and as a result it has the strongest and earthiest flavor.
  • Broad-spectrum: this is almost the same as full-spectrum CBD oil but without the THC. As a result, it has a slightly milder earthy tang.
  • Isolate: this contains only the isolated cannabidiol from the cannabis plant. This has virtually no earthy taste but can still be quite bitter, similar to most modern medicines.

With this in mind, here are some answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions we get about the taste of CBD oil:

Does CBD Oil Taste Like Marijuana or Weed?
No, it should be earthy and bitter, possibly with grassy or nutty undertones depending on what type you buy, and should not taste like marijuana.

Most CBD oil contains negligible amounts of THC, which is the main active substance in weed or marijuana. All flavors and sensations associated with weed are not present in pure cannabidiol.

What Does Real CBD Oil Taste Like?
Real or pure cannabidiol should have a bitter taste that is also quite earthy. If you taste anything else it’s possible you’ve bought an artificially flavored product by mistake, or fake CBD oil. If there is no discernable flavor you may have bought a weak isolated form of cannabidiol. To make sure you’re getting the real deal, always buy from a reputable source and double-check before you buy.

What Does Hemp Unflavored CBD Oil Taste Like?
Hemp unflavored CBD oil is often quite rich in cannabidiol and other terpenes as it is extracted from hemp plants during a brief window when the yield from harvest is at its greatest. Because of this, it may have a strong earthy, fresh, plant-like flavor and be quite bitter. The terpenes are what provide most of the flavor in CBD oil, and the flavor varies depending on the types of terpenes in your oil.

What Does The Natural Flavor Of CBD Oil Taste Like?
Unless you buy a flavored version, you might sense undertones of nuts, woods and grasses in your cannabidiol. These undertones are dictated by what types of terpene oils are released from the cannabinoids; different terpenes produce different flavors. Different types and brands of natural cannabidiol are available for purchase, so you might have to shop around to find the flavor that you like most.

If the natural, pure taste isn’t for you, try buying a naturally-flavored tincture!

Why Does CBD Oil Taste So Bad?
If your product tastes off, you might’ve bought a fake one. Review the brand’s certificate of analysis and/or substitute with new CBD from a different brand. As we said, actual cannabidiol should be bitter and subtly earthy.

If you do choose flavored CBD oil, it’s recommended you stay away from toxic artificial flavorings and instead focus on buying products that use natural flavorings and oils to enhance the taste already present in the product. The profile can also be changed with sweeteners and adding sugar, but this is not a very health-conscious alternative.

With cannabidiol, one of the many benefits is savoring the natural product: so be sure to buy pure CBD oils that use only natural flavorings. Once you’ve found the best all-natural product, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the taste.

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